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Solat 3D Guide

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An Educational Animated Video teaching the Fundamentals of solat design for Muslims of all age groups in 3D.

Using the latest in Computer Animation Technology, the aim is to provide a comprehensive 3D Visual guide to the fundamentals of Prayers. This 60 minute video will touch on relevant aspects concerning the obligatory prayers.
Inside you will be able to learn visually on:


  • The true meaning of prayers and why Muslims need to pray
  • Historical miraculous events of Israk & Miraj leading to the obligatory prayer
  • The act of Ablutions and actions that render ablution void
  • The call to prayer to Azan & Iqamah
  • Complete step by step guide to the Five Obligatory prayer including the recitation of the surahs and the meanings.
  • Protocol of Group Prayers and Friday Prayers
  • Prayers for the Physically incapacited. eg. Sitting down and lying down.
  • Various actions that can render the prayer void.
  • A collection of Du'a and Supplications.
  • Bonus Animation feature on how to perform the Ghusl bath.


*Available in either Malay or English.
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