[LIVE STREAMING] IlmLive - I love Mondays

Every Monday - 8.30pm to 10pm


ILM Live is a weekly lecture (Every Monday) presented by asatizahs both local and invited from overseas. The lectures will be streamed and featured online via www.islamicevents.tv.


The name ILM - I Love Mondays was inspired by the late Zag Fahmoa who had the idea to do weekly lectures on Monday evenings as it is among one of the evenings in the week that people are free and can attend talks and classes with family. We are making this easily accessible and possible now through technology, by broadcasting lectures live online on Monday evenings so that they can attend the sessions right from the comfort of their homes. Question and answer sessions can also be held through our real-time chat systems during the lectures.

Format of ILM LIVE

Lectures will start at 8.30pm on Monday. Asatizahs will give about 40-50 minutes lecture. We will then break for 10mins and open for Questions and Answers for another 30 minutes. Lectures can either be in English or Malay.


Lectures will be recorded and viewable online via IslamicEvents.TV

Subscription System

Live videos are free to watch. You may also watch the videos at a later time however with a minimum subscription monthly to access. This will help us to continue to sustain these efforts. Insyallah.

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